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Ritual massage

Ancre - Massage rituels

Well deserved TEA MASSAGE

50min - 105€

A specific massage for anyone looking for healing and comfort. This treatment is both relaxing and energizing.

oriental relaxing

50min - 105€  /  1h15 - 160€

Anchored in the oriental tradition, this ultra-relaxing massage is animated to the rhythm of slow, gentle and enveloping movements.

rebalancing singaporean

50min - 105€  /  1h15 - 160€

An atypical and deep massage: it rebalances the energies and drives out the fatigue of the body and the mind, for a real letting go.

Celluli'tEA slimming treatment

1h15 - 180€

This ritual combines massage, a slimming green tea wrap for a harmonious silhouette and a relaxing scalp massage.


Ancre - Massages

Back and body

30 min - 75€  /  1h - 110€

This relaxing massage allows the mind to escape and the body to release tension, for a peaceful and relaxing feeling.

hot stones

 1h15 - 145€

This massage uses basalt pebbles, previously heated, to help you release stress. Your body relaxes completely and gets rid of all muscle pain. 


30 min - 60€

This massage promotes muscle relaxation by stimulating the scalp. It focuses on several areas: the skull, the neck and the face.

Foot reflexology

30 min - 60€

The art of plantar reflexology consists in exerting a specific touch on the different areas of the feet in order to relax other parts of the body and provide a state of total well-being.

Facial care

Ancre - Soins visage

Ferme'tEA Lift Japanese Treatment

1h15 - 170€

This global anti-aging facial treatment offers a "shot" of firm'tea and vitali'tea to the entire face and neck.


50 min - 105€ 

This detoxifier is ideal for purifying and oxygenating combination to oily and/or asphyxiated skin .


50 min - 105€

This hydra-detoxifying treatment, specially designed for stressed and tired male skin, combines intense hydration and complete purification.

Book a care

All our care can be booked on this telephone number (+33) 6 70 88 14 26 or by mail :

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