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Cathédrale Notre Dame - Eglise du Sacré - Région de Moulins - Château d'Origny


capital of Bourbonnais

The Château d'Origny is located 5 minutes away from the centre of Moulins. In addition to being the prefecture of the Allier department, Moulins is the capital of the Bourbonnais, a former duchy of the Bourbon family. 

It is pleasant to walk through the historic part of the city where you can admire the magnificent Notre-Dame Cathedral and the Mal Coiffée. In summer, you will enjoy the wonderful show offered by the city which illuminates its various monuments.

La région-ancre
Centre national des costumes de scène situé à Moulin
Région d'Auvergne-Allier-Moulins - Quartier Historique
Région d'Auvergne-Allier-Moulins - Château d'Origny

The Château d'Origny is located approximately 25 km away from the spa town of Bourbon-l'Archambault. The town has been hosting thermal baths since Gallo-Roman times, dating back to the 1st century BC. The present thermal baths were inaugurated in 1885.

In addition to its thermal spring, Bourbon has a long history and a rich historical heritage, all surrounded by a magnificent natural setting.


The city also has a casino.

The spa town of 


Façade therme Bourbon l'Archambault
Therme de Bourbon-l'Archambault
Bourbon l'Archambault -Chaine Thermale

The forest of Tronçais

About 50 km west of Moulins, you can take a stroll in the majestic Tronçais forest. Covering almost 11,000 hectares, it is one of the most beautiful forests in France. It was created by one of King Louis XIV's advisers and shelters trees that are several hundred years old.s

Hikes and mountain bike rides are organized in all the forest estate and you can enjoy the many water points present in the forest.

Forêt de Tronçais - Région d'Auvergne
Étang forêt de Tronçais
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