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Au sein de notre espace bien-être, vous pouvez vous faire masser. Nous proposons une vaste gamme de soins.

Our care

a journey out of time

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We wanted to offer you a unique massage, created especially for the wellness of our domain: the SIGNATURE massage. It is the fruit of collaboration between Château d'Origny and Michel Abdoul, a specialist in the art of well-being.
Based on various Asian techniques, this massage is an invitation to travel, a moment to yourself.

THÉMAÉ - Our beauty partner

THÉMAÉ is a Japanese name meaning "the different phases of preparation and presentation of the tea ceremony".

Created in 2007, this independent French brand was born out of founding president Guillaume Lefèvre's passion for the art of tea and travel, and his conviction that the intrinsic virtues of tea are as good for the body as they are for the mind.

Le partenaire de notre espace bien-être est Théma, une marque française.

Our Thémaé body massages 

Notre massage Thémaé Bien Méri'Thé.


Are you looking for resourcing and comfort? Are you going through an intense period in your life? Or have you just experienced the beautiful moment of giving birth?

Notre massage Thémaé Oriental relaxant

oriental relaxant

Do you suffer from muscle tension? Are you looking to relax, release tension and calm your mind?

Notre massage Thémaé Singapourien Réequilibrant

singapourien réequilibrant

Are you feeling tired and feeling the pressure on your body and mind? Would you like to re-harmonise your energies and regain your vitality?

Our Thémaé face care

Notre soin visage Thémaé Hydra'Thé Detox

Soin hydra'thé detox

Do you have low hydration skin? Do you have combination or oil-sensitive skin?

Notre soin visage Thémaé Hydra'Thé SOS

Soin hydra'thé sos

Is your skin dry? Does your face feel tight? Do you suffer from dehydration and various sensitivities?

Our traditional massages

Notre massage classique Pierres chaudes

Warm stones

Do you like original massages? Do you like warmth? And would you like to relax?

Notre massage classique dos et corps

the Back & Body

Would you prefer to play it safe and opt for a more traditional massage?

Notre massage classique crânien

Head massage

Do you suffer from neck pain? Do you have recurrent migraines?  Not sleeping well?

Notre massage classique de réflexologie plantaire

Plantar reflexology

Do you suffer from intestinal or digestive pains? Would you like to reduce tension and rebalance various vital functions?

Our therapies


Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shiatsu is a Japanese energy massage based on acupuncture points and meridians.

Shiatsu & Medicinal plants

These sessions combine the benefits of the energetic touch of Shiatsu and medicinal plants. Halfway between osteopathy and acupuncture, Shiatsu allows the body's energies to be completely rebalanced.

Château d'Origny - Espace bien-être - Massages
Réservation Spa

Would you like to escape to the heart of our Château? 

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