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Parmi notre gamme de soins visage Thémaé, nous vous proposons le soin Hydra'Thé DETOX. Bien-être et relaxation assurés !

Hydra'Thé DETOX Care

50 min - 140€

Do you have dehydrated skin? Do you have combination or oily skin?

This moisturising and detoxifying treatment is just for you! It's a real breath of fresh air.

This facial treatment is composed of different steps. The face is cleaned twice softly, then exfoliated with micro-grains of rice powder and a radiance mask with purifying moringa extracts. Thanks to the use of Ridokis (accessories that promote oxygenation of the skin), the benefits of the products used are multiplied.

The entire face is then treated to a toning shiatsu massage. This method mainly involves applying balanced pressure to the face and cranium using the fingers at specific points. This technique acts on energy flows to bring well-being and relaxation.

Finally, a relaxing massage of the trapezius, neck, neckline, hands and arms transforms this treatment into a real moment of pleasure. The skin is detoxified, revitalised and radiant.

Interested in this moisturising and revitalising treatment? Book your HYDRA'THE DETOX Care now!

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