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Parmi notre gamme de massage Thémaé, nous vous proposons le massage Bien Méri'Thé. Bien-être et relaxation assurés !

Bien Méri'Thé Massage

50 min - 130€

Are you looking for refreshment and comfort? Are you going through a particularly intense period in your life? Or have you just experienced the beautiful moment of giving birth?

Our BIEN MERI'THE massage is just for you!

This massage has been specially created for a moment of resourcing and comfort. Ideal after a particularly stressful period in your life, this treatment will both calm and revitalise you.

It's also designed for new mothers, so they can reclaim their bodies and enjoy a relaxing break after the radical changes that the arrival of a new baby can bring. This gentle, enveloping and invigorating massage will offer you a unique moment and a real breath of fresh air for your mind and body.


Alternating gentle, stimulating movements with the application of soothing hot towels offers powerful reassurance. It will help you to regain your balance and deeply relieve physical and emotional tension all over your body: face, hairline, neck, back, stomach, legs and feet.

Looking for an unforgettable experience of relaxation and revitalisation?

Book your BIEN MERI'THE massage now !


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