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Parmi notre gamme de massage Thémaé, nous vous proposons le massage Oriental Relaxant. Bien-être et relaxation assurés !

Oriental Relaxant Massage

50 min - 130€

75 min - 170€

Do you suffer from muscle tension? Are you looking to relax, release tension and calm your mind?

Our RELAXING ORIENTAL massage is just what you need!

Based on the age-old traditions of the Orient, this ultra-relaxing massage takes you on a sensory journey. Slow, enveloping movements release accumulated tension, while muscles and skin relax under the gentle, caring movements of our masseuses. The entire body (legs, feet, back, stomach) and face are massaged in parallel movements, like a calming wave.


Muscular tension is released as the body is kneaded and smoothed for total relaxation. You'll feel cocooned in serenity, where time seems to stand still.


Looking for a moment of intense relaxation and well-being? Book your relaxing oriental massage now.  

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