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Parmis notre gamme de massage, nous vous proposons  la réflexologie plantaire. Bien-être et relaxation assurés !

Plantar reflexology

30 min - 60€

Do you suffer from intestinal or kidney pain? Would you like to reduce tension and rebalance various vital functions?

* this treatment does not give access to the Spa

Plantar reflexology is the massage that will make you feel good!

This is an ancestral technique that involves using a specific touch on different areas of the foot. Each reflex zone corresponds to a specific part of the body, releasing tension and promoting a state of overall well-being. By simply activating particular points with pressure, it is possible to act on organs that are out of balance or dirty, in order to improve their condition or revitalise them.

It helps to:  

  • harmonise vital functions,

  • reduce stress and nervous tension,

  • improve blood circulation,

  • activate the lymphatic system,

  • relax muscles


Book your foot reflexology session today and enjoy an experience of total well-being that will give you total peace of mind.

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