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Parmi notre gamme de massage, nous vous proposons le massage Crânien. Bien-être et relaxation assurés !

Our head massage

30 min - 60€

Do you suffer from neck pain? Do you have regular migraines?  Not sleeping well?

* this care does not give access to the Spa

Our HEAD massage is just what you need!

This massage is designed to release accumulated tension in the scalp, forehead, temples and nape of the neck. By gently stimulating these key areas, we promote blood circulation and improve tissue oxygenation, which helps to :

  • Stress reduction: Free yourself from the mental and emotional tensions that weigh on your day-to-day life.

  • eadache relief: Reduce migraines and headaches with a targeted, soothing technique.

  • Improve the quality of your sleep: rediscover deep, restful sleep thanks to a state of advanced relaxation.

  • Stimulate hair growth: Encourage hair growth and improve the health of your hair by nourishing the scalp.


Don't wait any longer to discover the many benefits of our cranial massage. Book your session today and immerse yourself in a deeply relaxing experience that will revitalise both your body and your mind.

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