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Parmi notre gamme de soins visage Thémaé, nous vous proposons le soin Hydra'Thé SOS. Bien-être et relaxation assurés !

Hydra'Thé SOS Care

50 min - 140€

Is your skin dry? Does your face feel tight? Do you suffer from dehydration and various sensitivities?

This moisturising, calming care is ideal for revitalising dry, dehydrated and/or sensitised skin.

This facial skincare treatment is composed of different phases. First of all, it offers the face the comfort of a double gentle cleansing and a hydra-apaisant SOS snow mask with aloe vera & argan oil. Thanks to the use of Nouat naas (accessories that soothe overheated skin), the effectiveness of the products used is increased.

The entire face is then massaged and digitally pressed with 4 Teas oil. But what does this mean? Digitopression is a massage therapy technique that involves stimulating acupuncture points with finger pressure. This helps to reduce stress and fatigue. Finally, a relaxing massage of the trapezius, neck, neckline, hands and arms transforms this treatment into a real moment of pleasure. The skin is fresh, radiant and intensely moisturised.

Interested in this hydrating and relaxing treatment? Book your Hydra'Thé SOS care now.

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