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Notre massage classique dos et corps qui vous procure bien-être et relaxation.

Our back & body massage

50 min - 115€

Would you prefer to play it safe and opt for a more traditional massage?

Our BACK & BODY massage is the one for you!

This massage allows you to enjoy a moment of relaxation and well-being. Designed to relieve muscular tension and appease the mind, it offers a deeply relaxing experience that will revitalise you from head to foot.

Our expert therapists use traditional massage techniques to target areas of tension in your back, shoulders, arms and legs. Using fluid, enveloping motions, they work deeply to release muscle tension and promote optimal circulation.

As well as relaxing tired muscles, this classic back and body massage is also ideal for reducing stress and anxiety.

Let yourself be transported by a feeling of calm and well-being as you leave yourself in the expert hands of our therapists.

Book your DOS & CORPS massage session now.

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