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Parmis notre gamme de massage, nous vous proposons le massage Signature. Bien-être et rela

Our Signature Massage

50 min - 135€

70 min - 170€

We wanted to offer you a unique massage, created especially for the wellness area of our domain: the SIGNATURE massage. It is the fruit of collaboration between Château d'Origny and Michel Abdoul, a specialist in the art of well-being.

Le Château d'Origny, situé à Neuvy ( Moulins), vous propose chambres d'hôtes, gastronomie et espace bien-être.

Our SIGNATURE massage, exclusive to Château d'Origny!

Derived from various Asian techniques, this massage is an invitation to travel, a moment to yourself. It is designed to improve the nervous system, resulting in a deep relaxation of the body and mind. What makes it special? It includes a holistic approach aimed at rebalancing the body and mind through a combination of massages and pressure combined with the stimulation of energy lines and acupuncture points.

By choosing this massage, you'll enjoy a truly sensory experience. It will give you :

  • Mental calm

  • A state of deep relaxation

  • A holistic experience

  • Restored flexibility and mobility

  • Stimulation of blood and lymph circulation

Ready to discover a unique massage unlike any other? Book your signature massage session now.

Château d'Origny Neuvy and our masseuses look forward to welcoming you to our domain for an unforgettable experience.

Monsieur Michel Abdoul a créé le massage  Siganture, en collaboration avec le Château d'Origny.

Michel Abdoul

After graduating from the National Centre for Contemporary Dance in Angers, Michel trained at the Maxam Centre in Paris. There, he learnt a variety of traditional Asian massage techniques, including Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Thai...

After deepening his sensory exploration, he was able to develop his own protocols. We therefore developed a massage offering a holistic approach combining physical and mental balance.

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